Empowering “Hustlers” is a entertaining ode to sisterhood.

What happens when a group of smart, sexy strippers conspire to rob the wallets of wealthy Wall Street men?


Hustlers is more than just glitter and lap dances. It’s a stylized crime story with complexity, drama, and an incredible soundtrack. Writer and director, Lorene Scafaria, manages to break the stereotype of “stripper movies”. Instead of focusing on creating sex symbols, she sheds an authentic light on these women – as mothers, as friends, and as sisters.

The most empowering aspect of Hustlers is its astounding celebration of sisterhood. These women became a family and it all felt so real. There are moments in Hustlers that took me back to the happiest memories of my sorority life — that unbreakable bond and solid support system. This strong sense of sisterhood is what makes Hustlers so special.

But perhaps the most special part of Hustlers is Jennifer Lopez. With grit, charisma, and fur coats to die for, Jennifer Lopez gives her best performance of all time. Lopez takes a deep dive into the greed and revenge driving her character of Ramona much like the gangsters of Goodfellas. With all the buzz surrounding her performance, I would not be surprised if see Lopez this awards season.

And special shout out to Cardi B and Lizzo. Although they are barely in it, man oh man, they are fun when they are (and yes, Lizzo’s iconic flute makes an appearance).

Final Thoughts: Feminist and full of fun Hustlers is a bad ass must-see.

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