Entertaining yet exhausting – “It: Chapter Two” does not live up to its predecessor

Terror strikes again in Derry, forcing the grown up members of the Losers Club to reunite against the evil, Pennywise.

But does the highly anticipated return of everyone’s favorite creepy clown pay off?

Eh. Kind of.

It: Chapter One was so enjoyable because it embraced its cast, resulting in a coming of age adventure — sort of like The Goonies but with a creepy clown. It: Chapter Two tries to hang on to youth and chemistry of the losers, but unfortunately it just does not feel as authentic. And while trying to hang onto what worked in Chapter One, It: Chapter Two loses an opportunity to truly dig deeper into their adult versions.

I will admit, Rich Delia did an amazing job casting the adult losers group — specifically Bill Hader, who absolutely steals the show as Richie. I think each member of the loser group did a great job with what they were given. And of course, I cannot praise Bill Skarsgård enough for his performance as Pennywise. He is devilishly creepy perfection.

The second portion of the original novel was always complex. It didn’t translate to screen seamlessly when on television, and I give credit to director, Andy Muschietta, for tackling it the way he did. He also did a great job of giving the audience what they wanted – more Pennywise, more blood, more jump scares.

HOWEVER, the run time of 2 hours and 49 minutes felt unnecessary. As much as I love the flashbacks of the younger losers, a lot of the scares and time where lost in these sections. The scares also got repetitive and unoriginal, which was disappointing. But in all honestly, if I’m checking my watch during the final act of a horror movie, you know there’s a problem.

Final Thoughts: It: Chapter Two will be a huge blockbuster success, however it lost the spark of the first film.

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