Renée Zellweger transcends us over the rainbow in “Judy”

Thirty years after The Wizard of Oz takes Hollywood by storm, musical icon, Judy Garland (Renee Zellweger), sees her fame fading. Unreliable and fueled by painkillers and alcohol, Judy takes on a series of sold out performances in London to salvage her stardom.

Judy Garland is an icon and will forever continue to be. A film such as Judy is basically screaming, “Awards Season” for all types of film lovers. But here’s the thing — Judy as a whole, is just a satisfactory biopic.

Sure, there are shining moments of splendor and emotional depth. But this clunky and tragic retelling of Garland’s final months is nothing spectacular.

What is spectacular, is Zellweger. After years out of the spotlight, this comeback performance is the finest of the actor’s career.

She completely embodies Garland displaying her vulnerability, strengths, frustrations and even her undeniable charisma. There are moments you forget you’re watching Zellweger. It’s wild.

If anything is a lock this awards season, it’s Zellweger. Her empathetic and captivating performance is one for the books and will surely send you over the rainbow and beyond.

Final Thoughts: Judy as a whole may be drab, but Zellweger is a dazzling wonder.

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