“Captain Marvel” is marvelous and energetic entertainment.

After all these years, Marvel FINALLY brings to life the story of Captain Marvel, an extraterrestrial warrior who has a mysterious past on Earth.

But with all this waiting, was it worth the hype?

Yes and no.

Overall, Captain Marvel is a lot of fun and a solid introduction to a truly remarkable character. Plus, it was an awesome throwback to the 90’s.

Brie Larson is flawlessly fantastic. Her energy, vulnerability, power and wit as Carol Danvers make her a powerhouse superhero to root for. Honestly, she’s the superhero we need. Her chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury (who had SO much fun with this film) was perfection. I could honestly watch the two banter for hours.

Another marvelous addition was Goose, Captain Marvel’s feline friend who will serve up plenty of laughs and “awes”.

Okay. Brace yourself. Here is my hottest take. This was Marvel’s opportunity to take some risks with their first female-driven movie. Unfortunately, Marvel stuck to its formula (and focused SO much on trying to answer Avengers questions) instead of breaking boundaries which sort of disappointed me.

Yes, Captain Marvel is chalk full of “hell yeah” feminist moment, but I wanted more. I was empowered and into it, but I kept wanting that goosebump inducing “No Man’s Land” moment from Wonder Woman. This doesn’t change the fact this this is still kick ass, just not as moving.

But all hot takes aside, Captain Marvel is joyous fun. Oh. And STAY for that mid-credit scene. It will have you PUMPED for what’s to come…

Final Thoughts: It’s no masterpiece, but Captain Marvel is damn great time…and yes, she will beat Thanos…or at least Goose will.

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