“Ocean’s 8” is great fun, but not much more.

The all-female reboot of the Ocean’s franchise is finally here, but does it live up to the hype?

Fresh out of prison, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) decides to assemble a group of smart, savvy and sensational women to pull off the heist of a lifetime – targetting a multimillion-dollar diamond necklace at the world famous, Met Gala.

Unfortunately, Ocean’s 8 does not deliver as perfectly as Debbie’s plan does on screen. Although the heist itself is entertaining and clever the rest of the screenplay lacks the excitement we’ve seen from the previous Ocean’s films. Perhaps everything ran too smoothly, or maybe I was just distracted from Eigil Bryld’s wannabe-retro cinematography.

Despite its flaws, the film is effortlessly stylish and tons of fun. It is a perfect summer movie in the sense that it is lighthearted and will help you escape for a little while. The Met Gala is just as marvelous as the real deal, and chock full of celebrity cameos including the queen herself, Anna Wintour. Not to mention, the film also showcases a glamorous and gorgeous wardrobe that will have any fashionista drooling.

However, the all-star cast is what truly shines, which should be no surprise to anyone.  This diverse group of phenomenal women each brings their own pizazz to their characters, including standout, Anne Hathaway. Hathaway’s performance as a self-absorbed celebrity is an absolute scene stealer. My only complaint is that we don’t get enough of Rihanna, who just oozed cool.

Final Thoughts: Just like the Met Gala red carpet coverage, Ocean’s 8 is not perfect, but it is a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

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