“Heart Beats Loud” Sweetly Sings Its Way Into Your Heart

Straight out of a well-received run at the Sundance Film Festival, Brett Haley’s Hearts Beat Loud is a touching dramedy that follows a father and daughter (Nick Offerman and  Kiersey Clemons) as they form a musical duo during the summer before she leaves for college. Heart Beats Loud touches upon the power of parent-child relationships, the beauty of first love, and the hardships of dealing with change – while also showcasing four catchy original songs.

Despite the simplicity and somewhat predictable nature of the script, there is an authenticity that revealest the rawest of human emotion. A lot of this sincerity is due to the genuine and heartfelt performances by Offerman and Clemons. Although the two may appear like an unlikely pair at first glance, their chemistry is undeniable.

We often see Offerman as the leading funny man. Although he may have a few laughs, that is not the case in Heart Beats Loud. It is refreshing and a nice change of pace to see him expand as an actor diving into the role of a caring and devoted father.  However, the real scene stealer is the immensely talented actress-singer, Clemons. With an incredible voice and a soul to bare, I hope that this is the start of a very successful career for Clemons.

Despite the film’s delightful performances, the film has its flaws. The pacing is disastrously uneven, with a slow start and rushed finale. Additionally, Toni Colette, who plays the landlord, feels like a waste of good talent. I am assuming she just needed a break prior to the anxiously awaited horror flick, Hereditary. Although these are issues, this does not prevent viewers from enjoying themselves and tapping their along with this father-daughter duet.

Final Thoughts: Heart Beats Loud is utterly charming and will leave you with a smile on your face, and a song in your heart.

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