“Deadpool 2” is explosive, sharp and utterly hilarious

Our favorite foul-mouthed mercenary, Deadpool is back for more wild and wacky shenanigans in the self-titled, Deadpool 2. This time around, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and his team of mutant pals step in to protect a young mutant (Julian Dennison) who becomes the target of the powerful, Cable (Josh Brolin).

Although this sequel does not entirely live up to its predecessor, it does not disappoint. The plot is entertaining, well paced and even surprising at times. The jokes are as sharp as ever including gags about Yentl, Interview with a Vampire, Batman, Frozen and also several of the Avengers (and don’t worry – there is a Thanos reference).

Deadpool 2 is just as raunchy, violent and fun as the original Deadpool film, however, it feels overstuffed at times. The creators clearly knew what worked the first time around and decided to up the ante, making some sequences feel drawn out, and a tad forced.

Although the film is not perfect, it is hilarious, shockingly heartfelt and will have you smiling throughout.

The real assets of Deadpool 2 are its sparkling performances. Without a doubt, Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. Although Reynolds always gives maximum effort into the role, his smart-talking charm and charisma feel effortless on screen.  Josh Brolin, the ultimate villain of this summer season, also gives a terrific performance.

Additionally, Deadpool 2 has the BEST mid-credit scene I have ever seen. I promise that I won’t spoil it for you, but it will have you in stitches.

Final Thoughts: Although not as strong as the original, Deadpool 2 is a wild, raunchy and hilarious ride worth seeing.

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