“Blockers” is a mediocre raunchy comedy with super sex-positive messages

Ah, prom. The dresses. The music. The magic. Seems like nothing can go wrong for three women who decide to create a pact to lose their virginity at prom – that is until three of their parents (Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena) discover their plan. Outraged, these three will stop at nothing to “block them” from sealing the deal

So, is Blockers ridiculous? Absolutely.

The trio endures an evening of hilarious shenanigans ranging from a wild, vomit-inducing car chase and the art of “butt-chugging” to the crudest game of Marco Polo I’ve seen on screen. Although there are plenty of gross-out gags and absurd moments, there is a substantial amount laugh out loud moments. However, the most applaudable aspect of Blockers is its contemporary message and positivity about sexuality.

Many teen comedies have touched upon the “right of passage” by losing their virginity, however, there has always felt like a double standard. Women have always felt like a damsel in distress or secondary characters in these films, focusing more on the male character “becoming a man”.

Blockers takes this double standard and turns it on its head. Writers, Brian Kehoe and Jim Kehoe, give us three strong female characters who are not only interesting but who are in charge of making their decisions free of any shame. Blockers isn’t the female-driven comedy extravaganza we need in 2018, but it is a step in the right direction.

In addition the sex positive messages and laughs, there is a lot of heart to the film. I would say that there are enough tender moments to counterbalance the raunch, which is very rare.

Final Thoughts: Blockers is a standard raunchy comedy. However, the most notable aspect of this film is its sex-positive messaging, which is refreshing and honest.

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