“Scream VI” thrives on chaos and brutality in slasher sequel.

Following the most recent Ghostface murders, four survivors move to New York City for a fresh start. However, they soon find themselves targetted by a new Ghostface unleashing a bloody rampage on the Big Apple.

The sixth installment of the beloved “Scream” franchise continues to do what it does best — pay homage to its legacy as a meta slasher through sharp humor and sharper kills.

“Scream VI” ups the ante from its 2022 predecessor, proving itself to be a brutal bloodbath. New York City creates a more chaotic landscape for the narrative, thus cranking up the suspense and thrill. I commend the franchise for taking a risk and going far outside of Woodsboro. It added a freshness to the story.

Speaking of freshness, despite the return of some legacy characters, this installment allowed the “core four” to really take center stage. Jenna Ortega, our modern day scream queen, continues to steal the show while Mason Gooding and Jasmin Savoy Brown continue to bring levity as fan favorites, Chad and Mindy. Melissa Barrera’s Samantha continues to be a struggle, but thankfully the rest of the cast makes up for her “meh” performance.

Now, speaking of “meh”, I would be wrong to say that “Scream VI” did not have its issues.

Without spoiling anything, “Scream VI” has one of the strongest openings of the franchise. But it all culminates to an absurd final act that somehow repeats the past (my friend and I called the big twist early on), yet plays it safe.

I was a little disappointed and somehow baffled the creators took the safer route than continuing with the shocking themes it introduced in its first act. It just feels like lazy writing.

Nevertheless; the “Scream” franchise continues to be a fun watch and will leave fans wanting more.

And that’s what a solid franchise does best.

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