Get ready to “Scream” with delight in franchise’s most clever installment.

25 years after the brutal murders in Woodsboro, a new killer dons the infamous Ghostface mask and begins targeting teens linked to the past.

This fifth installment of the Scream franchise is not a reboot or a sequel to the hit 1996 flick that started it all. Scream literally defines itself as a “requel” — a franchise expansion that honors its legacy, yet sprinkles in fresh characters and some new elements to enhance the storytelling.

To those of you unaware with the Scream franchise, it is extremely meta and loves movies. It has no problem calling out moviemaking, tropes, and the industry.

And since requels seem to be all the rage these days in our movie culture, mainly to please the fans, this is where our newest Scream excels.

Scream is bloodier, sharper and even more clever. The kills are more brutal. The stakes are higher. The writing is snarkier. And its level of self awareness is at an all time high, totally unafraid to call out the toxicity of “fan culture” that’s developed over the last years.

Yet, despite its ability to up the ante, the film feels so comfortable. I’m sure some of your eyebrows raised because how can a slasher film feel comfortable. But, it’s a joy seeing Neve Campbell back on screen kicking ass. It’s what we have grown up loving.

And it’s that legacy we fans adore. Honestly, Wes Craven would be proud.

Final Thoughts: Scream fans rejoice. The newest installment pays homage to the past while paving the way to the future. A strong requel, indeed.

And yes. I prefer The Babadook too. IYKYK.

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