“The Menu” serves up all the ingredients for a sharp and sensational satire.

A young couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) travel to an exclusive restaurant on a remote island, where a renowned celebrity chef (Ralph Finnes) is serving up a lavish dinner full of shocking surprises.

If you think I’m going to feature food-inspired word play, you are CORRECT. Because Ralph Finnes was here to serve, and your girl ATE.

From start to finish, The Menu is a delicious satire oozing with biting humor and kicks of flavor leading to a fiery and satisfying conclusion. Each course is jam-packed with decadent writing, tasty twists, and topped with dazzling performances.

Ralph Finnes and Anya Taylor-Joy are captivating, as they go up against each other. However, my personal favorite performance is by Hong Chau. The way she pronounces “tortilla” alone had me swooning.

Although it is safe to say that the narrative may not be as juicy or meticulously plated as other “screw the rich” satires, The Menu still has a lot to say about our society, consumerism and the food industry. Sure, it’s a messy meal but it’s still so satisfying.

However, with such an explosive script, it’s impossible not to be on the edge of your seat (or craving a cheeseburger). As my partner shared with me as the credits began to role, “this is a film audiences will surely savor”.

And savor you shall. Order up.

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