Strong performances can’t bring “The Good Nurse” to life.

Whether it a controversial series about Jeffrey Dahmer or a documentary on catching the Cat Killer, Netflix loves a good true crime drama, am I right?

The Good Nurse is Netflix’s newest addition to their library, following the true story of a caring ICU nurse (Jessica Chastain), who discovers her colleague, Charles Cullen (Eddie Redmayne), is a serial killer, responsible for murdering of dozens of patients.

Although The Good Nurse should be a fascinating thriller revealing a failed hospital system and a terrifying murderer, the plot unfolds procedurally and predictably, resulting in a dull, overlong and shallow retelling of true events. It’s clear director, Tobias Lindholm, wanted a slow burn reveal. He just forgot the burn part…

…and kind of the reveal part, but we can blame that on marketing.

Thankfully, Academy Award-winners, Chastain and Redmayne, are cast as the leads to add some sort of fire to the film.

The duo give strong, nuanced performances with great chemistry. Chastain’s tireless devotion and compassion as the “good nurse” is effortlessly heart wrenching, while Redmayne delivers a chilling and creepy performance — specifically in the third act, where his “I can’t” tantrum remains the most memorable part of the film.

Unfortunately, The Good Nurse is another prime example of spectacular actors who deserve richer material.

The Good Nurse is a disturbing and compelling narrative. It desperately needed to dig deeper, and unfortunately without this extra layer of development, viewers are left with a visual version of the story’s Wikipedia page.

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