2022 Oscar Predictions

Another wildly chaotic, and relatively unpredictable awards season comes to a close on Sunday, March 27th with the 94th Academy Awards.

As usual, I will be breaking down the top categories of the season based on my candid thoughts about who will win and who should win the coveted Oscar.

So. Here. We. Go.

Best Supporting Actor

Who Should Win:

It is clear that this category has two front runners from the very start: Kodi Smith-McPhee and Troy Kotsur. Smith-McPhee is utterly chilling as Peter Gordon in The Power of the Dog. His nuanced and calculated performance is pretty hard to forget, however, it’s Troy Kotsur’s heartwarming, hilarious, and moving performance in CODA that really blew me away.

Not only is Kotsur unforgettable in the film but his charisma and passion as the family’s Deaf patriarch touched my heart and stole the show. Also, Kotsur’s win would be a historic milestone as the second Deaf actor to win the Oscar — and I’m all about making history and breaking barriers!

Who Will Win:

Throughout the awards season, it has very much been Kodi VS. Troy — however, after scoring historic SAG wins for best supporting actor AND best ensemble, the tides have turned in favor of Troy Kotsur. It’s his to win. Plus, he deserves it.

Best Supporting Actress

Who Should Win:

First things first, I have to say, Kathryn Hunter was HARSHLY snubbed this year for her haunting performance in The Tragedy of MacBeth. She was spectacular and in my opinion, more impressive than the rest of the group.

Nevertheless, every actress did do a phenomenal job this season. From Jessie Buckley to Kirsten Dunst, truly a spectacle of talent from these wickedly talents women! However, nothing can compare to the showmanship, charisma and emotional gravitas of Ariana DeBose as Anita in Spielberg’s West Side Story. Seriously. She sings. She dances. She acts. She’s swept all the precursor awards. No one has done it like her this year. And that’s why DeBose deserves this.

Who Will Win:

Oye Javi, ponle fuego, vamos! Get the party ready because the Oscar is going to Ariana DeBose. Without a doubt.

Best Actor

Who Should Win:

So. Here’s where my takes get a little hotter.

2022 gave us a strong collection of career-best performances. I fell in love with Denzel Washington’s explosive portrayal of MacBeth. Will Smith transformative performance in King Richard is an utter triumph. And I was completely mesmerized by Benedict Cumberbatch’s abrasive and complicated performance as the villain in The Power of the Dog.

However, it is Andrew Garfield’s performance as Jonathan Larson in tick, tick…BOOM! who impressed me most this season. Garfield is so committed, giving one of the most emotionally rich and unforgettable performance of the season. Definitely a shining performance that deserves way more love this season.

Who Will Win:

Although we know anything can happen this season, all signs point to Hollywood royal, Will Smith, finally getting his crown.

Best Actress

Who Should Win:

Well look at that. Another year of unpredictability in the best actress category. And honestly? It has been a damn roller coaster.

Although each nominee gave a tremendous performance (although I’m disappointed to share I have not seen Parallel Mothers yet) and I’d be pleased to see any of them walk away with gold, it is Jessica Chastain’s layered performance as the famed televangelist in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, that stood out to me the most this season.

Although it is easy to transform underneath pounds of prosthetics and heavy make up, Chastain gives a moving and intimate performance that turns this over the top icon into less of a punchline. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s Chastain’s time to win. Can I get a Hallelujah!?

I’d also like to take a moment to share that our lord and savior, Lady GaGa, totally deserved to be nominated this season. That snub hurt y’all.

Who Will Win:

This is the toughest category to pick. Statistically speaking, none of these actresses have swept the season so there’s another chance we could be in for a surprise. However, given Chastain’s recent wins at the SAG Awards and Critic’s Choice Awards, it’s looking more and more like she is the clear front runner. So let’s go with Chastain.

Best Director

Who Should Win:

We have been blessed with a strong collection of directors this season, but none have executed a more flawless production as Jane Campion.

Campion is a master of her craft, and The Power of the Dog is nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. Her ability to meticulously control every frame and work with her cast and crew to ensure every moment adds value to the storytelling is nothing short of incredible. It’s pretty straightforward here with who should win.

I’d also like to take another moment to lament on another snub. Denis Villeneuve totally deserved to be nominated this season. He literally created the world of Dune from the ground up and I cannot believe he was left off list. And yes folks, that snub also hurt.

Who Will Win:

Not even a question. Get ready to make more HERstory, Ms. Campion!

Best Picture

Who Should Win:

2022 has an eclectic group of films. There’s something special about each nominee (even though I think tick, tick…BOOM! should have been nominated over Don’t Look Up but that’s another story).

Nevertheless, I have been torn between wanting two films to win this season — CODA and The Power of the Dog.

CODA is not only an absolute delight, but its effortless inclusivity and passionate ensemble performance made it one of my favorite films of this season. And it is clear that many feel the same way, as seen in their SAG Awards and PGA wins.

Meanwhile, The Power of the Dog is the kind of film that directors can only dream of creating. It’s remarkable, unforgettable and tragically beautiful, scoring the BAFTA, Critics Choice, DGA and Golden Globe. Is it as lovable as CODA? God no. But when you look at the bigger picture and every element that goes into filmmaking…you just can’t beat masterful storytelling such as this, which is why The Power of the Dog should win.

Who Will Win:

Yet again, another category that could surprise us all. However based on the multitude of accolades and Campion’s predicted win, it’s safe to bet on The Power of the Dog to score this year’s top prize.

And there you have it. Who will win? Who will lose? You’ll just have to see this weekend.

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