One of the finest, feel good sports films, “King Richard” is a winner.

Based on the true story of the legends we know today as the Williams sisters, King Richard follows Richard Williams (Will Smith) is determined to defy all odds to coach his daughters, Venus and Serena, who will grow up to become two of the most prominent figures in tennis history.

Director, Reinaldo Marcus Green, has crafted a truly moving and sensational film, that surpasses your average sports drama despite its long runtime.

There are a lot of fun tennis match montages and all the predictable excitement you feel watching the girls succeed, but the family elements makes the film so much more powerful and add such authenticity to the story. It’s a pure inspiration and an absolute delight.

And there is no King Richard, without Will Smith. Will Smith gives a career best performance, securing himself as a front runner this awards season.

Smith transforms into Richard Williams, displaying such sincerity, protectiveness, passion, fire, and heart. Smith is a damn triumph, and I don’t say that easily.

The supporting ensemble also shine. Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney, who play Venus and Serena, also bring the fire. Their confidence and charisma light up the screen. And Jon Bernthal does a great job as their coach, Rick Macci.

Overall, King Richard is a sure crowd pleaser, lighting a fire in your soul, and inspire you this holiday season

Final Thoughts: Game. Set. Match. King Richard is a champion.

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