Stan and Edgar keep things “Fresh” and twisted in Cave’s directorial debut.

If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that dating in today’s day and age SUCKS. That’s exactly how Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) feels until she bumps into the awkwardly charming, Steve (Sebastian Stan) at the grocery store.

However, nothing is what it seems in Mimi Cave’s directorial debut, Fresh.

If you haven’t seen the trailer or read any reviews, I recommend going into this completely blind. Because I imagine it will be a waaaaaay more wild viewing.


Although Fresh takes its time unfolding however this meet cute turns into a MEAT cute real fast.

If you know me, cannibalism doesn’t really sit well with me — I mean, besides Armie Hammer and Hannibal Lecter, does it sit well with anyone? But seriously. I won’t watch Walking Dead, and it is taking me a really long time to warm up to watching Yellowjackets.

However, with Sebastian Stan leading the way in a seductive yet terrifying performance, it’s pretty hard to resist being drawn into this twisted and darkly humorous horror flick.

Fresh takes chunks of preexisting narratives, adds in some social commentary on modern dating and creates something brutal and bold. Imagine a hybrid of Raw, Promising Young Woman, and Get Out — all with an even wilder American Psycho as your villain and a soundtrack that slaps.

As previously mentioned, Stan is sensational. However, he goes toe to toe with Edgar-Jones, who gives a fantastic performance as our protagonist. I adore her in Normal People and it’s exquisite to see her in a new role with a strong and nuanced performance.

Yes. Fresh is messy, a bit too long, and far from perfect, but nevertheless, I found myself on the edge of my seat a lot due to the flashy filming, sharp sound editing, and fearless performances.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It is a simple and gruesome premise, but with stylish filming and bold performances, Hulu’s got a Fresh watch.

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