“The Protége” misfires with disappointment.

Anna (Maggie Q) is a world-class assassin trained by the very best. However, when her mentor (Samuel L. Jackson) is brutally murdered, she is fueled by revenge and determined to track down his killer.

As far as action thrillers go, The Protége, is pretty average and uninspired. Based on the casting, I truly wanted more so I admit, I am disappointed in its cookie-cutter agenda.

However, despite its predictability, it is mindlessly entertaining and emotionally engaging enough to keep you watching. The nonstop action and explosive bloody violence will inevitably distract audiences from its muddled storytelling and subpar writing.

However, one element I knew would “bring it” despite its flaws, is the cast.

Maggie Q is such a force on screen — like if you’re getting a Maggie Q-led action movie, you know you’re going to have a great time. Her ability to kick ass and whip out clichés in a non-eye-rolling fashion, is a work of art in this genre.

Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson do what they do best. Keaton brings on that slick, bad boy charisma to his villain, whereas Jackson is the foul-mouthed and lovable trained killer. Not new territory for either but nevertheless enjoyable to watch on screen as always.

It’s not that I hated the film. I just expected and wanted more.

And most importantly, I just wish we could give Maggie Q one innovative action flick that she deserves.

Final Thoughts: If you like predictability and pulp, The Protége is great to add to your watchlist. Otherwise, just wait until it is playing on TNT.

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