“Don’t Breathe 2” is highly problematic in many ways.

Years after we experienced the twisted thriller, Don’t Breathe, the “blind man” (Stephen Lang) is back for blood in Don’t Breathe 2.

Just a fair warning, there are some spoilers ahead.

Now. Let’s be real. This movie didn’t need a sequel. In fact, I had to rewatch the first one right before seeing the sequel. And yes my two best friends joined me. Yes, we ended up at ANOTHER bad horror movie. I’m not sorry.

But here we are. Don’t Breathe 2. Double the blood, double the kill count, but thankfully no turkey basters this time around.

I should have known about 20 minutes in when someone KILLED A DOG (an uncalled for offense, in my books) that this movie not going to sit well with me.

And boy, did it get bad real fast.

The film completely disregards everything that happens in the first film. Unlike the first film, the Blind Man is no longer the antagonist. The sequel wants us to…root for him.

To which I turned to my friends and yelled, “WAIT — ARE WE SUPPOSED TO ROOT FOR THIS RAPIST?!”

That’s right. In the sequel we don’t ever touch upon the events that unfolded in the first film, including the fact that he kidnapped and raped a woman. So. That to me, is incredibly wrong. I couldn’t wrap my head around.

I don’t care if he’s trying to save the girl (that BY THE WAY, he ALSO kidnapped) from her meth-crazed “parents”. I don’t care that he saved a dog (to clarify, I do care that the other dog lived, because I couldn’t handle two dog deaths — nor could my friends, who were actively rooting for the dogs). But he is still a bad dude. And not a figure I could “get behind”.

And the plot? Another item that I couldn’t wrap my head around. It’s so far fetched and poorly written, and miserably executed.

What I enjoyed about its predecessor was its creativity and twisted shock value. And although the action sequences were full of tension, the film was flat and cringeworthy.

Final Thoughts: Don’t hold your breath on this sequel. It’s problematic and disappointing.

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