“Free Guy” is a clever, colorful and comical original concept.

Ready for some summer fun? Get your game on with Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, and our lord and savior, Taika Waititi, in Free Guy.

Guy’s (Ryan Reynolds) average life turns upside down when he realizes he is a background character in an open world video game, “Free City”. Upon learning his game is going to be shut down, Guy decides to take control of his narrative and become the hero.

Despite some very minor glitches, Free Guy is the definition of fun.

Oh and don’t worry. You don’t need to be a gamer to appreciate this delightfully original concept. Although, there are plenty of cameos and Easter eggs that will have gamers (and Marvel fans) HYPED.

A witty cross between The Truman Show, The LEGO Movie, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (I used to play video games with my 5th grade crush – I know I’m full of surprises), the film is clever, self aware, surprisingly adorable, and genuinely entertaining.

Free Guy is a successful comedic satire that can’t help but be infectiously joyful — mainly because the cast is so damn charming and good looking.

As usual, Ryan Reynolds is charismatic and uses his boyish charms to play the titular role. He delivers his lines with innocence and childlike glee, kind of like a PG version of Deadpool.

The antagonistic game creator is played by Taika Waititi, who is larger than life, bombastic and yet, I just wanted more of him. Honestly, if we could just put him in every movie, it will become infinitely better.

However, it is Jodie Comer’s time to shine.

I am a HUGE fan of the talented actress (which, if you haven’t seen Killing Eve, now is your chance. It’s streaming on Hulu) and she not only nails playing a wicked smart game developer, but also her effortlessly “cool girl” avatar.

In a time where sequels and IP’s reign supreme, it’s nice to see a new and enjoyable narrative take center stage.

Final Thoughts: Level up your summer with the clever, entertaining and fresh Free Guy.

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