“One Night in Miami” is an unforgettable masterclass.

Academy Award winning actress, Regina King, takes the director’s chair to share what could have happened, One Night in Miami.

In 1964, Cassius Clay (Eli Goreee) joins Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge), Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.), and Malcom X (Kingsley Ben-Adir) for a memorable evening in Miami, full of unpredictable, emotional and hopeful exchanges.

Well, damn. What can’t Regina King do?

Thanks to powerful storytelling and a brilliant ensemble, One Night in Miami is an intelligent, thought-provoking tour de force and a strong directorial debut.

Adapted from Kemp Power’s play, these I conic figures have been brought to life in a respectful manner through powerful emotions and sincere streams of dialogue.

Clay, Brown, Cooke and Malcom X are such prolific figures in our nation’s history that sometimes we forget that they are human beings. But through King’s delicate direction and the ensemble’s masterful performances, we get this exhilarating opportunity to feel like we know them on a more authentic level.

That being said, I am blown away by the level of performances in One Night in Miami.

Every actor fully embodies their part, revealing the complexities of being these successful black men during the civil rights movement.

I genuinely cannot tell you which actor was “the most impressive” because they were all spectacular in their own right.

One Night in Miami is such an unforgettable ensemble experience, and I sure as hell hope this fierce foursome as well as their fearless director, will be recognized as such in this upcoming awards season.

Final Thoughts: Oh what a night! King crafts a tremendous ensemble piece full of electricity.

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