“Freaky” is campy and crazy fun.

What happens when you take Freaky Friday and mix it up with the shennegians of Scream and a dash of Happy Death Day’s wit?

You get Christopher Landon’s hilarious horror romp, Freaky.

Millie (Kathryn Newton) is just a normal high schooler trying to survive her senior year until she becomes the latest target of a crazed serial killer, the Butcher (Vince Vaughn). However, things go ary when his mystical dagger causes the two to switch bodies.

Freaky is basically the ultimate love letter to 80’s slashers.

It’s gory. It’s goofy. It’s surprisingly has a good heart. And it is 100% camp in the best way. Freaky embraces every ounce of its blended story, it’s R-rating, and fantastic cast of supporting characters to create a satisfying and entertaining romp.

Sure there are plot holes, plenty of cheap moments and Vince Vaughn’s characicuture-like performance, but watching this story unfold is just so much fun.

Although Freaky dances along the lines of delving more into gender conventions, it keeps it shallow. Freaky could have done something a little more substantial to cross into the lines of being statement-making horror, but hey, that wasn’t Landon’s intentions.

But don’t let that stop you from having a Freaky good time!

Also, if you do plan to see Freaky, please make sure you wear a mask and keep your distance at the theatres. A huge thank you to AMC Theatres for helping keep a safe and fun environment during these unprecedented times. It is nice to be back at the movies.

Final Thoughts: It is nothing revolutionary, but Freaky is an entertaining ride worth taking.

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