You might want to “Run” to Hulu to catch this entertaining thriller.

Hot off her performance as a young Nurse Ratched, Sarah Paulson returns as another questionable caregiver in Hulu’s suspenseful new film, Run.

Director, Aneesh Chaganty, takes us on a thrilling journey revolving around the relationship between a mother (Paulson) and her ill daughter, Chloe (newcomer Kiera Allen), when she discovers her mother may be hiding a dark secret from her.

Based on the trailer, I thought I had an idea of where this may be going — plus, between Shaper Objects and The Act, the whole Munchausen syndrome by proxy plot twist has been getting old.

However, Run isn’t that movie. The plot is not super clever but it is a little crazier and more chaotic than expected, which makes it much more exciting as a viewer.

Chagantry once again masters weaving a complex and suspenseful narrative that keeps you on the edge of your seat with sheer intensity. It’s perfectly paced, brilliantly edited and features killer performances by Paulson and Allen.

Paulson is perfection in every role she commits to. She’s got a way of portraying troubled characters like no one else. We all know that.

But it is newcomer, Allen, who impressed me most. Watching her unravel the details of this mystery and discovering the truth about her mother feels so real. Allen does a fantastic job bringing a genuine authenticity into this role and makes her a protagonist worth rooting for. I also LOVE that a disabled actress was casted.

Although this film got the COVID push to Hulu, I can’t help but think how this thriller could have been experienced with an audience. But regardless, I am glad we finally got the chance to watch this wild film and I look forward to seeing what stories Chafantry creates in the future.

Final Thoughts: Boasting top notch performances and crazy captivating storytelling, Run is one of the entertaining thrillers of the year.

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