“The Old Guard” has some new tricks in action-packed Netflix thriller.

Based on the hit graphic novel, The Old Guard follows a group of immortal mercenaries who must fight to protect their freedom when someone evil discovers their secret.

Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, The Old Guard is an action-packed and fresh take on the traditional superhero genre. And in a summer severely lacking in entertaining blockbusters, The Old Guard is a welcomed watch.

But it isn’t your typical blockbuster. With its layered performances intertwined with its gritty cinematic aesthetic, neatly executed action sequences, and dramatic nuances, The Old Guard is very unique. It does not feel like a traditional superhero movie, which is what makes it so endearing.

It is very clear that Prince-Bythewood wants to focus the drama and the humanity of these mercenaries over mindless action. A decision I completely respect, especially since these characters are so interesting thanks to fantastic casting.

If there is anyone more badass to helm the film, it is Charlize Theron. Her Academy Award winning acting skills and her raw ferocity make her the perfect warrior to root for.

Other stand out performances include relatively newcomer, KiKi Layne, and the always talented, Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Also, Harry Melling (yes, Dudley Dursley from the Harry Potter franchise) stars at the villain and man, is that a fun time.

Final Thoughts: With great action and an entertaining story, The Old Guard is one of the better films to come from Netflix and worth the watch.

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