“Feel the Beat” is another cliché tween dance movie.

After failing to make it to Broadway, icy and ambitious April (Sofia Carson) is forced to return to her small hometown in Wisconsin. While at home, she is recruited to train a group of gawky, young dancers for a dance competition.

With quirky dance numbers, a cookie cutter screenplay, inspiring messages and Sofia Carson as the lead, this a recipe for tween success.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for dance movies and the cliché storyline of watching misfits grow into their own, however, this was a fun and formulaic watch.

It’s exactly what you’d expect for from a Netflix family film.

Sofia Carson’s character isn’t exactly lovable — in fact, she is kind of awful for most of the film. I’m sure if this wasn’t a film targeted to children and tweens, we’d get more depth and character development. However, she does a decent job with what she is given and it’s a stretch from her plucky and colorful work in the Descendants franchise.

At the end of the day, Feel the Beat is just another dance movie. It’s nothing special or out of the norm.

But it’s a perfect made-for-TV film stuffed with mindless cliches and entertaining dance numbers that will make you smile.

Final Thoughts: Wholesome and cliche family content full of dance movie.

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