Simple and sweet “Troop Zero” is lovable, feel-good

A group of misfits led by science fiction enthusiast, Christmas Flint (McKenna Grace), join forces to infiltrate the beloved Birdie Scouts in order to win a talent show in rural Georgia.

In unprecedented times like these, we need something that is full of heart and hope. Troop Zero solves this need however, it’s nowhere near as memorable as quirky underdog stories like Little Miss Sunshine.

But as a sucker for watching “weirdos” come together, own their individuality and let their freak flag fly, it’s a sweet watch. Plus the ending David Bowie dance sequence is just *chef’s kiss*

Yes, Troop Zero is super predictable, lacks any complexity or flow. It is obvious why this film went straight to streaming but, it’s unafraid to wears its heart on its sleeve.

However, the most lovable aspects of Troop Zero are the sparkling performances from Academy Award winners, Allison Janey and Viola Davis. Their chemistry and delivery are dynamic.

But that’s what happens when you have two acting masters in your movie – they make lemons into lemonade. Even if the lemons aren’t that strong.

Final Thoughts: Need a little sweetness during quarantine? Troop Zero will do the trick.

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