Alison Brie astonishes in strange “Horse Girl”

Sarah (Alison Brie) is an introvert, who mostly keeps to herself focusing on her love for crafts and of course, horses. Things take a turn when she starts experiencing disturbing dreams and losing touch with reality.

Horse Girl dives headfirst down a psychotic rabbit hole set in a melodramatic science fiction landscape complete with alien conspiracy theories and a ridiculously annoying soundtrack.

Unfortunately, it’s the elements of science fiction that make Horse Girl to lose its way — especially in a rather odd third act, which includes a disorienting 10 minute sequence featuring Alison Brie in a pastel ninja costume.

In fact, the movie uses the paranormal to enable Sarah’s spiral into psychotic depression. It would have been more interesting to focus on diving deeper into Sarah’s unsettlingly psychosis from a more psychological standpoint, instead of just blaming it on aliens, but I digress.

The most impressive part of Horse Girl is the horse girl herself, Alison Brie. She is an absolute tour de force, capturing the rawness and delicacy of Sarah’s mental state. As an actress who we often see in comedic roles, she is flexing some truly remarkable dramatic acting skills. I hope we get to see more from this side of Brie.

Is Horse Girl worth the watch? Eh. Only to admire Alison Brie. Otherwise, the story gets lost in its oddity.

Final Thoughts: Horse Girl is a weird ride but Alison Brie boasts a great performance.

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