“Dolittle” is a jumbled, unfunny dud.

Whether it be Rex Harrison or Eddie Murphy, the famous doctor who can speak to animals is a bit of a cinematic icon.

It only makes sense in a time of remakes that we dust off this story and bring it into the new age.

In the newest adaptation, Dr. Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.) is an eccentric man who lives in solitude, with the exception of an eclectic group of animal companions who he speaks to. His routine becomes ruined when Dolittle must embark on a wild adventure to find a cure for an ailing Queen Victoria.

The film boasts a star studded cast as Dr. Dolittle’s furry friends, from Emma Thompson to Rami Malek to even Marion Cotillard.

Unfortunately, nothing can save Dolittle from being a dud.

The exhausting and flat narrative is jumbled with stale slapstick humor, no emotion and complete nonsense. I don’t even think children would find this entertaining.

Additionally, the film’s climax was one of the most preposterous scenes I have EVER seen on screen.

I won’t spoil it but, I still can not believe that an entire cast, crew and production company let this scene become a reality.

I have always admired Robert Downey Jr. and his commitment to adding his own unique flare to the characters he plays. But his Dr. Dolittle misses the mark.

Perhaps it was his garbled attempt at a strange Welsh accent or his mannerisms that mimicked Captain Jack Sparrow. It just didn’t do it for me.

In all honesty, I hope this film is not a predecessor for Downey’s post-Iron Man film career.

But if Dolittle is anything, it is living proof that not all classics need to be recreated and having an all star cast cannot save a disaster is script.

Final Thoughts: Skip Dolittle and stick to the original version.

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