“Bombshell” is gripping but plays it safe.

Based on actual events, Bombshell follows the movement Gretchen Carslson (Nicole Kidman) began to take down Roger Ailes (John Lithgow) and the toxic environment at Fox News.

Unfortunately, Bombshell isn’t as explosive as the actual events that sparked the film in 2016 but it is impactful and engaging.

Bombshell unravels in a very safe, informative and realistic way. It holds your attention and it’s very satisfying to watch the fall of Ailes.

This story is immensely important. These events sparked a stronger stance against sexual harassment and fueled change in the workplace. It is a monumental moment but Bombshell does not dive as deep into this as I wish it could.

Perhaps this is due to the various non disclosure agreements and stipulations surrounding this story.

Or perhaps it is because of the timing.

I feel that many times when something major happens in our society, the film industry rushes to make a movie about it.

I wish that filmmakers waited a few years to create something a little deeper that took more risks and had a little more insight.

But where the story lacks depth, it makes up for with strong characters. Bombshell boasts a star studded cast, who all bring their A game.

Charlize Theron, who is already known for being a chameleon, completely transforms into Megyn Kelly. She captures her mannerisms and tone to the point where she is unrecognizable. She also manages to make this public figure more human.

I also have to applaud John Lithgow for completely transforming into the vile Ailes and Margot Robbie, who played the vulnerable, Kayla.

At the end of the day, Bombshell isn’t explosive but it isn’t a dud. It’s worth the watch and to support the women who took down such a villain.

Final Thoughts: Bombshell has a terrific cast with stellar performances, however the script lacks to dive deeper into its source material.

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