Taron Egerton soars in fantastical “Rocketman”.

Elton John is one of the most iconic names in music history. Dexter Fletcher’s Rocketman takes us on a musical journey to learn about the man behind the tinted sunglasses as he transforms from shy Reginald Dwight to the legend we all know and love today.

Without a doubt it’s going to be a long, long time before we see any biopic that resembles Rocketman. Instead of just hearing Elton John’s music during concert or rehearsal scenes, Rocketman weaves Elton John’s music through lavish and somewhat zainy musical numbers. These enhance the highs and lows of the musician’s life. It gets a little strange at time, but it kept the formulaic biography storytelling tropes fresh and exciting.

What I appreciated most is that instead of just glossing through the details of Elton’s life, Rocketman does not shy away from sex, drugs and rock and roll (unlike recent rock biopic Bohemian Rhapsody). Rocketman wants to keep it real, while still keeping it fantastical. It’s a solid balance that surprisingly works well. But there would be no Rocketman without Taron Egerton.

Holy. Tiny. Dancer.

Egerton completely transforms both physically and vocally — yes, that is HIS singing voice. There are times that you honestly need to do a double take. His talent is just unreal (not to mention his chemistry with Robert Madden, but that’s another story).

I truly hope Egerton stays in mind for Awards season because honestly, Rami Malek should honestly just hand his Oscar over. Sorry, not sorry.

Final Thoughts: Rocketman is a a dizzying, delightful musical journey full of pizazz, joy and a kick ass performance.

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