“Little” is a big disappointment.

Remember Tom Hanks’s timeless tale of a boy who wishes to be “big”? Well, Tina Gordon’s Little takes the concept of Big and turns it on its head.

Jordan (Regina Hall) is a no nonsense, hard as nails boss who treats her employees horridly – especially her assistant, April (Issa Rae). When she magically transforms back into her thirteen year old self (Marsai Martin), her life and career are put in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, Little lives up to its name more than its potential. The premise is there. The actors are there. But its uneven storytelling and moments of pure absurdity (Yes — I am referring to the random Mary J. Bling restaurant sing-a-long) detracted from the central plot.

The movie tried to send too many forced messages instead of focusing of the humor. Trust me, I love the message of staying true to one’s self and not letting others tell you who you are. It was executed but lost under the other messages.

What I did enjoy are the performances by Martin and Rae. The two had great chemistry and comedic delivery. They were truly what drove the film.

Final Thoughts: With good intentions yet disappointing delivery, Little doesn’t dare to dream as big as it could have.

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