“Dumbo” doesn’t exactly soar but it still dazzles.

Everyone’s favorite flying elephant returns to the big screen in Tim Burton’s live action remake, Dumbo.

Unlike the original 1941 animated Disney classic, Burton’s rendition spends a solid portion of the film focusing on the humans than the animals. That’s right. 80% of the film is a brand new story. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing.

With the exception of Danny DeVito, who had the MOST fun as the colorful ringmaster, Medici and Michael Keaton’s greedy Vandevere, (yes, the Batman reunion we all didn’t know we needed), most of the characters were flat and didn’t add the level of depth I was hoping we would get in this adaptation. In fact, many including Collin Farrell’s Holt, felt like wallpaper.

Dumbo is such a simple story but always has had the most heart. That’s what I have always admired about it. Although the heart and emotion is still there between Dumbo and his mother, it lacked in any other relationship.

But what I will say is this: Dumbo is one of the best films Burton has made in a long time. It dazzles. It delights. It has subtle nods to the original. And holy hell is Dumbo adorable.

Honestly, just go to fawn over Dumbo…and bask in Danny DeVito being peak Danny DeVito.

Final Thoughts: Dumbo wasn’t a dream come true but it sure was entertaining. *Insert Danny Devito WOAH here*

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