Charismatic Kingsley and Issac steal the show in “Operation Finale”.

Operation Finale is directed by Chris Weitz is based on the true story of the top secret team of Israeli agents lead by Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) who travel to Argentina to track down Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley) — the Nazi official, war criminal and terrifying mastermind responsible for transporting millions of innocent Jews to their deaths.

The historical drama has good intentions. It is not terrible but it isn’t fantastic either. If anything it is very on the nose storytelling that lacks style and suspense compared to other espionage films such as Argo or Munich.

Although the film lacks intensity, the most compelling aspect of Operation Finale are its sequences of Issac and Kingsley. The two talented actors go head to head in mental warfare, playing cat-and-mouse games with one another. Both actors give top notch performances, especially Kingsley’s witty and villainous portrayal of Eichmann — but, did you expect anything else?

Although I found the overall film interesting, I honestly would have preferred to watch the two battle it out for two hours

Final Thoughts: Operation Finale is not perfect but it tells an interesting story and offers incredible performances.

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