“The Meg” is a mega-silly summer spectacle.

A massive 75-foot-long prehistoric shark known as a Megalodon is terrorizing a deep-sea sub and its crew at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Will heroic rescue diver Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) save the crew in time from this terrifying creature?

The Meg is exactly what you expect from a cheesy creature film starring Jason Statham at peak Jason Statham. The action is big. The dialogue is corny, and so are the jokes. The plot is predictable and sometimes stale. But isn’t that what so many summer blockbusters have become?

When it comes to a movie as massive and absurd as something like The Meg, you crave preposterous levels of action. If anything, the biggest disappointment was not having MORE ridiculous action in the film.

To be honest, The Meg would have probably been more rewarding as a made-for-television film or if they decided to go with a version deserving of an R rating.

Final Thoughts: The Meg is isn’t high brow cinema whatsoever but it is ridiculous and dumb entertainment.

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