“Blindspotting” is a powerful social commentary with sensational performances.

Out of all the films coming out this summer, Blindspotting is the one story that is truly worth telling.

Collin (Daveed Diggs) has three days left on probation. However, everything changes when he witnesses a police officer shoot a fleeing civilian in the back. Collin begins to re-evaluate his world and his relationship with his volatile best friend Miles (Rafael Casal).

Blindspotting is very unique. It blends elements of a laugh-out-loud buddy comedy while also capturing the brutality of racism, gentrification and the justice system.  The screenplay is sensational – full of fast-paced stylistic cuts and smart, witty writing. It’s both enjoyable and thought-provoking, leaving you with a lot to digest.

Beyond the story itself, Blindspotting touts dynamic and exquisite performances by its two leads, Diggs and Casal – who are also the screenwriters. They emit a mixture of raw emotion and grit that brings to life a picture of two opposing sides of the city of Oakland.

The hype for Blindspotting is real. It is definitely one of the most interesting, insightful and entertaining films I have seen this year and I urge everyone to see it.

Final Thoughts: Powerful and poignant, Blindspotting shines a light on cultural blind spots through sensational performances and brilliantly creative storytelling.

2 thoughts on ““Blindspotting” is a powerful social commentary with sensational performances.

  1. It’s a compelling and interesting little film. Nice review.

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  2. Enjoyed your review. I absolutely loved this movie (best of the year so far).


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