“80 For Brady” is a winning crowd pleaser.

Four legendary icons. One wild trip the Super Bowl.

Count. Me. In.

Based on a true story, 80 For Brady follows four best friends (Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin, Rita Moreno and Sally Fields) embark on a wild adventure to see their hero, Tom Brady, play in the 2017 Super Bowl.

Thanks to AMC Theatres, I was able to attend an early screening with a very enthusiastic sold out audience. And from the moment Dolly Parton came on screen belting the film’s new anthem “Gonna Be You”, it’s safe to say, every one — including myself — had a blast.

By no means is 80 for Brady a monumental comedy. I mean, half the jokes and plot was spoiled in the trailers.

However, thanks to this talented ensemble and a surprisingly touching narrative, 80 for Brady scores BIG where it counts. It is a joyous, heartfelt and fun adventure dedicated to friendship and football.

Of course, as a New England Patriots fan, I may be biased to the football part. But if you were watching the Super Bowl in 2017 there’s no denying the monumental excitement of that epic comeback by the Patriots. And 80 for Brady does a fantastic job bringing us back in the action. Man, I even got nervous. That’s probably thanks to the film’s producer…who is…you guessed it. Tom Brady.

And although I have no problem adding this accomplishment to the G.O.A.T’s exceedingly long list of accolades and records, the TRUE G.O.A.T.S are our golden gals.

Whether it’s eating brisket alongside Guy Fieri, playing poker with Billy Porter or frolicking around the Patriots locker room, Fonda, Fields, Moreno and Tomlin are having the time of their lives in these parts.

Not only that, but their real life bond and respect for each other radiates off the screen making those touching moments, that more meaningful. There were a couple of misty-eyed movie goers at my screening, so if you love warm fuzzies, pack some tissues.

Honestly, it is just a joy watching these iconic women together on the big screen and having fun. Their laughter and love is infectious and will surely make you smile.

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