“Do Revenge” is an outrageous yet savage teenage satire for Gen. Z

After being socially rejected by their peers, two high school students (Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke) make a pact to Do Revenge on those who wronged them.

Who ever knew we needed the yassification of Strangers On A Train, but here we are.

And despite its grammatically incorrect title and bombastic final act, Do Revenge was not a train wreck as expected.

Do Revenge is a pastel-colored fever dream of satire. It oozes with 90’s teen comedy nostalgia with progressive jests woven throughout, all specifically curated for Gen. Z.

And even though this does mean a bulk of the writing is cringeworthy and stuck in woke Twitter-speak, the overall premise is more than enough to keep you hooked on this wickedly wild journey full of revenge, fashion and chaos. Just keep in mind, the final act is kind of bonkers but hey, isn’t high school?

Leads, Mendes and Hawke, who have spent most of their careers owning the teenage drama genre, are a positively dynamic together. Both ferociously own their mean girl characters and have lots of fun while doing so. Also, huge kudos to Netflix for casting the queen of teen dramas, Sarah Michelle Gellar, as the headmaster. Truly the icing on the top of this experience.

So. If you want to “do revenge” with a viciously shameless dark comedy that reminiscent of Cruel Intentions, Heathers and Mean Girls, then this is the perfect picture for you. Needless to say, it’s a clever romp for a Friday night in with Netflix.

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