Kravitz commands in tight, satisfying tech thriller, “Kimi”.

Steven Soderbergh’s latest film, Kimi, follows an agoraphobic tech worker (Zoë Kravitz) who discovers evidence of a violent crime. When turned away after reporting it to her company, she must face her fears and venture outside her apartment to seek justice.

Unlike Soderbergh’s more extravagant works, his smaller pieces are always more compelling. And despite being criminally undermarketed by HBO Max, Kimi is no exception.

And just like it’s mean runtime, I’ll keep this review short and to the point. Yes, Kimi is contemporary thriller that is a bit predictable, and little zany in the final act, but nevertheless a satisfying to watch.

Inspired by our society’s relationship with virtual assistants, surveillance technology, and the pandemic, these urgent themes add so much more depth than the typical housebound thriller we are used to.

A lot in part to Soderbergh’s taut style and tight, Hitchcock-like direction and Zoë Kravitz’s laser-focus performance. A pragmatic and vulnerable character crippled by PTSD and paranoia, Kravitz is utterly captivating. Unlike Amy Adams’s Woman in the Window, this is one agoraphobic heroine worth rooting for.

And side note, why is this a common trope?

Final Thoughts: A slick thriller with a super performance, Kimi is worth the watch.

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