Despite its undeniable charm, “Encanto” let me down.

The Madrigals are an extraordinary family who live in an enchanted place hidden in the Colombian mountain called Encanto. Every member of the family has been blessed with unique gifts, except Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz). When Encanto’s magic is in danger, Mirabel steps up to save the day.

Encanto is a charming, beautifully animated, and culturally vibrant film about discovering your true identity despite the pressures of what others want you to be.

Yet. I have mixed emotions.

I love the story’s originality and its ability to capture the a new cultural perspective in a magical way. The power of family is always a key theme in Disney films, and I love seeing Disney become more inclusive with those families.

Encanto is a sweet and solid addition to Disney’s collection, however, it certainly is not as strong or memorable of some of their more recent works.

Perhaps it is because there or way too many supporting characters that aren’t fully developed or are way more likable than Mirabel, or that the film smushed way too much plot into a short runtime.

I was just sort of let down.

This also goes for Lin Manuel Miranda’s soundtrack. He crafts some toe-tapping bops like Luisa’s “Under the Surface”. But none of the songs are as strong or memorable as those he wrote for Moana.

Nevertheless, I understand how families have been enchanted by the story. So don’t let my disappointment sway you from having a cozy family night in. Just don’t expect a Disney classic.

Also, what does Disney have against Brunos?

Final Thoughts: Despite it’s beauty, sentimentality, and charm, Encanto left me disappointed.

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