Kidman is the force that keeps “Being the Ricardos” afloat

In 1952, Lucille Ball (Nicole Kidman) and Desi Arnaz (Javier Bardem) were a Hollywood power couple. In Aaron Sorkin’s newest drama, Being the Ricardos, he takes us behind the scenes of their relationship both on screen and off.

Considering all the negative publicity poor Nicole Kidman received upon casting announcements, I was VERY ready to watch her prove everyone wrong as comedy legend, Lucille Ball — and she most certainly did.

Kidman commands the screen with wit, humor and ferocity as both Lucille Ball and Lucy Ricardo. As an avid fan of I Love Lucy, Kidman completely embodies the goofy character the world fell in love with.

However, it’s how she brings the inner turmoil of Lucille as a wife, a movie star and a trailblazer to the screen that is so compelling. Watching her thought process as she envisions the moving part of physical comedy is enthralling.

And although Kidman carries the film, the entire ensemble does a superb job of bringing these Hollywood legends and writers to the big screen. Although Bardem may not be as charming as Desi Ricardo, he definitely brings his best to the screen. His chemistry with Kidman is certainly not as dynamic as the real Desi and Lucy, but it’s enough to continue watching.

Unsurprisingly, Aaron Sorkin, crafts a punchy screenplay cramming a bunch of maddening events into a whirlwind week of drama weaving mock documentary style interviews throughout. I’m not sure if this is the best story for his style of writing to tell, however, as a director, Sorkin never really seems to take off. It feels uninspired, scattered, and rather dull considering how strong the writing is. Perhaps, Sorkin goes back to writing for his next project.

Final Thoughts: Come for Kidman. Stay for Kidman. No ‘splannin’ necessary.

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