“Red Notice” is exactly what you expect…and that’s not a good thing.

Over the last few years, Netflix has been all about balance. They’re passionate about producing films that are diverse and challenging, while still continuing to create very mediocre, mindless content. They’re full of surprises, but unfortunately, also full of predictability.

With that being said, Red Notice is EXACTLY what you’d expect.

The action comedy follows FBI agent (Dwayne Johnson) as he teams up with one of the world’s most wanted art dealers (Ryan Reynolds) in order to capture a notorious criminal (Gal Gadot), while also hunting for ancient golden eggs once owned by Cleopatra.

So. Yes, like a high profile egg hunt.

Red Notice relishes in every predictable cliché and excels in being a sleek, mindlessly entertaining popcorn flick. And that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes we need a mindless watch.

However, Red Notice isn’t necessarily a fun mindless watch.

The pacing is VERY slow, which is shocking considering the action is rather fun and the amount of globe trotting is wild. And the writing, well, don’t get me started. It’s the definition of lazy.

And it doesn’t help that the cast totally misses the mark, where they could have potentially made it more palpable.

Instead of trying, Johnson, Reynolds and Gadot stick to their stereotypical movie roles.

You know what I mean — Johnson is the big, tough guy who usually is associated with the law and somehow alway ends up in a jungle. Reynolds is the fast talking, smug, funny guy. And Gadot is the bad ass, cool girl.

And although I adore these actors separately for their own reasons, these A-list stars bring zero chemistry to the screen. It’s like they didn’t even try to make lemonade out of this script. They just got their paychecks, looked cool, and left.

Red Notice is forgettable instead of fun. And honestly, I’m just disappointed Netflix didn’t try harder with this one because I was really hoping for some fun…

Final Thoughts: Red Notice is a lazy, predictable yet sleek film that only Netflix could produce.

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