“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” is flashy, feel-good joy.

Based on the hit West Side musical (and true story), Everybody’s Talking About Jamie follows a teenager from Sheffield, England, who dreams of becoming a drag queen. With the support of his family and friends, Jamie overcomes many obstacles to step into the spotlight to become a sensation.

With a bubbly pop soundtrack and infectious energy, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is an upbeat film about self expression that will give you warm fuzzies. Although the storyline is simplistic, formulaic and seems to work out all too easy, its impossible not to love its plucky optimism and razzle dazzle — mainly because Jamie is so damn lovable.

Max Harwood does a fantastic job bringing Jamie to life with cheeky confidence, enthusiasm, and vulnerability. And Richard E. Grant, who plays Jamie’s drag mentor, steals the show, but doesn’t he always? Grant is just an icon.

I never had the opportunity to see the beloved musical, however, I believe that the show translated well on screen. I do feel that some of the drag queen beauty and camp is lost on screen, but it is still so enjoyable. And unfortunately, due to the recent release of Prom and the popularity of Kinky Boots, sweet Jamie may be forgotten.

But please, give this beautiful, fearless boy a chance if you need a little sparkle in your day.

Final Thoughts: Although I am not sure everyone will be talking about Jamie, this lovely movie musical is a dazzling fanfare of self expression and joy. A sweet and sincere watch to make you smile.

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