“Coming 2 America” is a nostalgia-filled, rowdy romp.

Return to Zamunda, where newly crowned King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) discovers he has a son back in Queens. To honor his father’s dying wish to groom the crown prince, Akeem and his trusted confidante, Semmi (Arsenio Hall), travel back to New York City to find his son.

The original Coming to America is one of my favorite comedies. Nothing can touch it or make it better.

So. With that mindset, I went into this highly-anticipated sequel already knowing it would never be as good as the original. But hey, that doesn’t mean I had a fun time watching.

Coming 2 America is a nostalgia-filled copy of the original. Although so many of the jokes feel like deja vus, the film does have double the goofiness, double the star power, and double the musical numbers.

I admit, I disappointed that the time to New York was rushed (don’t worry — the return to the iconic barber shop is worth every minute), however, you can’t resist the dynamic duo of Hall-Murphy. They’re comedy legends who haven’t lost their touch.

Plus, the feisty trio of newcomers who play Akeem’s daughters are a bad ass addition to the gang. But you know me, I’m always a fan of fierce women supporting women.

Sure. Coming 2 America doesn’t try anything new, but it’s an entertaining and fun for anyone who needs a stroll down memory lane. And I promise, it will put a smile on your face.

Final Thoughts: Coming 2 America is imperfect but an enjoyable party of nostalgia.

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