Pike is perfection in deliciously wicked “I Care A Lot”

Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike) is a shady court-appointed legal guardian who bilks her elderly wards. It’s a well-oiled machine until, Marla finally meets her match (Dianne Wiest), landing her in hot water with some powerful gangsters.

Scandalous, savagely dark, and scathingly funny, I Care A Lot is a sharp crime, that is a wickedly fun watch.

It’s a wee muddled and definitely loses its edge towards the finale, however, the delicious little surprises, sheer suspense, and “battle of the baddies” moments will have you hooked.

However, if I am to be totally honest, Rosamund Pike is what SELLS I Care A Lot.

If you thought she was AMAZING as Amy in Gone Girl, well, you are going to MARVEL at Marla. With her 100-watt “screw you” smile, blunt bob, icy cool demeanor, and killer confidence, Pike’s performance as the villainous Marla is perfection.

With subtle movements in her posture and a meer sparkle in her eye, we know Marla is calculating her next move. She is out for blood and will do it with a smile on her face. And that’s the brilliance of Rosamund Pike.

Pike plays such a bad ass villain with, that we are actually ROOTING for her to win…which is wild.

But let’s be honest, why are we not raving about her talent more? Sure she is nominated for a Golden Globe, but can we give this woman more praise?!

Listen, I Care A Lot doesn’t believe that there are good people. Just horrible people doing horrible things. It’s a cynical outlook, which may be super off putting to some viewers.

But if you are willing to put your ethnical compass to the side, I Care A Lot is a riot that is worth a watch.

Final Thoughts: Pike soars in a darkly humorous, engrossing, and cynical I Care A Lot.

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