“I’m Your Woman” is the definition of a slow burn.

After her criminal husband betrays his business partners, his wife (Rachel Brosnahan) and baby must go on the run.

I’m Your Woman is not the fast-paced crime thriller we are accustomed to.

Yes, it is tense and very calculated, however, its story unravels with a slow burn…like a VERY SLOW burn in which it takes you half of the two hour movie to really see where the story is headed (and the other half to notice that the protagonist’s baby is played by three different actors, including one who REALLY doesn’t look like the others).

It’s this snail-like pace that will truly put off viewers (myself included), but as the plot snowballs into the its finale, the payoff is satisfying — predictable, yet super satisfying.

The film benefits immensely by having Rachel Brosnahan as the protagonist. Her journey and growth from a terrified yet submissive housewife to an empowered mother and survivalist, is remarkable. We love to see a woman take control of her narrative and it is nice to see Brosnahan in a change of roles from the beloved, Mrs. Maisel.

But overall, I definitely had higher expectations for this Amazon production.

Final Thoughts: Brosnahan is great but I’m Your Lady may not be your speed if you don’t have patience.

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