“Godmothered” is a cheesy, good-humored holiday romp for the whole family.

Disney+ tries to bring bibbity bobbity boo back in their newest film, Godmothered.

A plucky fairy godmother in-training (Jillian Bell) discovers her profession is dying out and embarks on a grand adventure to prove that fairy godmothers are still necessary by trying to help a young woman (Isla Fisher), whose wish was ignored.

Disney loves to put twists on their own fairytale tropes, such as the wildly successful, Enchanted. However, Godmothered is not as exciting or original of a fish out of water tale. It is basically if Enchanted and Elf had a less funny baby with more adult-centered jokes.

Yes, Godmothered has its undeniably cute moments. And as an almost 30 year old who also has a very different definition of “happily ever after”, Godmothered’s new age thinking is appreciated.

However, Godmothered isn’t anything revolutionary. It is exactly what you expect. And that’s not a bad thing if you’re looking for something mindless and good hearted for the holiday season to watch with the entire family.

Jillian Bell does a fantastic job bringing the innocent fairy godmother to life. Although a lot of performance mirrors Amy Adam’s whimsical spirit from Enchanted, she does has a lot of clever, laugh out loud moments and one liners.

But at the end of the day, it’s a forgettable streaming flick that will have you itching to rewatch Enchanted…or wanting its sequel.

Final Thoughts: Although it isn’t original, Godmothered is the cheesy goodness families will want this holiday season.

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