Captivating performances cannot save distressing “The Devil All the Time”.

Based on the acclaimed novel, The Devil All the Time is a dark and violent gothic that follows Arvin Russel (Tom Holland) who devotes himself to protecting his loved ones against some insidious characters.

Or some of you may know the film more as the Netflix adaptation that stars mega-hotties, Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, and Sebastian Stan with southern accents.

But before you head into watching The Devil All the Time, please know that this is not an easy watch. Tonally, it is deeply harrowing and will leave you feeling unsettled. There literally is not a smile to be had. The story is not a happy one.

Although, it is clear that director, Antonio Campos, wanted this adaptation to be a journey into the decay of human nature, the film as a whole is ruined by its disjointined narrative structure and pacing.

Instead of a thought provoking drama, the film feels like a two and a half hour hodgepodge of gritty violence and preachy church sermons with a rather dull pay off.

However, there is not one performance that isn’t incredible. It is truly a masterclass in acting.

Tom Holland steals the screen, proving he is so much more than Spiderman. The range of emotion we can witness just through his eyes is astounding. Truly a must-see performance! I am eager to see the actor take on more serious roles in the future and walk away more from the adorable and plucky Marvel icon, we all love.

And rest assured, the climatic scene between Holland and Pattinson is unforgettable

Robert Pattinson’s “delusional” preacher is a masterful and memorable performance. Although his role is very important to the storyline, it was disappointing to not have more scenes starring him. I am very impressed with how Pattinson has grown as an actor and continue to become more and more excited about his upcoming projects.

However, at the end of the day, this is one film that felt overhyped and I’m just bummed.

Final Thoughts: The Devil All the Time boasts fantastic performances yet feels holistically like a missed opportunity to share a haunting yet thoughtful story.

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