“My Spy” is breezy and mediocre.

When a precocious nine year old (Chloe Coleman) catches a CIA operative, JJ (Dave Baustista) spying on her family, he begrudgingly agrees to show her how to be a spy in exchange for not blowing his cover. What JJ doesn’t realize is that he’s about to embark in a wild battle of the wits.

My Spy’s release had been pushed back again and again, so it was no surprise to see it end up streaming on Amazon Prime due to COVID-19. And to be honest, it was a smart decision to gain a larger audience.

My Spy is the perfect passable watch when you’re stuck at home. It doesn’t break any new ground and feels a lot like an uninspired remake of Kindergarten Cop.

However, it is mindlessly fun enough to keep you entertained, thanks to Bautista and Coleman.

Bautista has marked himself as one of the top “tough-guy-but-really-a-teddy-bear” comedians of our time. He’s effortlessly funny with his whole deadpan routine, and I personally was a big fan of watching his dance moves to Cardi B’s “I Like It”. I’d love to see him pick up a better comedy to really show off his skills in the future.

Meanwhile, Coleman is smart, sweet and genuinely endearing — and for once, a quirky child sidekick who isn’t annoying. Coleman and Bautista don’t have ideal chemistry but, they somehow make it work.

What bothered me the most about the film was its inconsistency in genre. The jokes are too dark for younger kids, but not funny enough for teens. There wasn’t a sweet balance where you can really pinpoint who this movie was for, which felt frustrating as a viewer.

But at least there’s some heart and some good jokes in My Spy. So if you’re bored at home and desperate for some forgettable entertainment, My Spy is for you.

Final Thoughts: Although it has it’s moments, My Spy is an unmemorable watch.

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