Jackman and Janney are riveting and charismatic in “Bad Education”

Frank Tassone (Hugh Jackman) is a charismatic school superintendent in Long Island, beloved by his peers and students. All is going well until a student reporter uncovers that he is also an accomplished con man responsible for a multi-million-dollar embezzlement scheme — the largest school theft in American history.

Based on the scandalous true story, Bad Education is a highly entertaining, darkly humorous and engaging satirical drama.

It does not dive deep into the politics of the situation or the exact “whys” behind their actions, but hell, is it a fun and clever character-driven watch.

If Bad Education gives us anything, it’s the combination of stellar performances by Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney. Both actors are strong on their own, but together they are on fire. This dynamic duo shine tremendously.

We all know that Janney is tremendous, however, Jackman is the real stand out. Giving one of his best performances to date, it’s fascinating to watch Jackman’s portrayal as Tassone.

His balancing act between being a dedicated educator and a deeply flawed closeted gay man trying to keep it together as his con begins to unravel, is a masterclass in subtle yet powerful acting. The ending shot alone is heartbreaking.

We all know that Jackman is insanely talented and I only hope we see more of this side moving forward.

Bad Education is an interesting, smart and engaging watch from the small screen and one of the bests of 2020. Overall, a win for HBO.

Final Thoughts: With stand out performances, Bad Education is an engaging and entertaining drama that is worth a watch.

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