“Portrait of a Lady on Fire” blazes with passion and cinematic beauty.

Céline Sciamma’s beautifully crafted period drama, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, follows a young artist being commissioned to paint a wedding portrait of a woman without her knowledge. The two grow closer day by day, forming a passionate romance.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a sensual romance fueled with beauty and artistry.

An emotional whirlwind, it is a rare film that is as tender as it is powerful, making it one of the most memorable and authentic romances of our time.

A lot of this is due to telling the story through the female gaze. It enhanced the delicacy of this budding relationship.

What also moved me, is the way Portrait of a Lady on Fire portrayed womanhood and sisterhood. The relationship between the two female protagonists and the household maid is a real look at a a supportive friendship.

The way they connect through playing cards, reading Eurydice and even dealing with difficult decisions felt so raw and real.

However, what mesmerized me most about the film is how exquisitely crafted Portrait of a Lady on Fire is. Every shot looks like a painting in itself.

The juxtaposition of the softness of femininity against the chaotic landscapes of a patriarchal society is so profound.

Overall, this film is beautiful in every single way. It will move you and spark a fire in your soul.

Final Thoughts: Gorgeously filmed and emotionally charged Portrait of a Lady on Fire ignites the screen as a romantic must-see.

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