“Uncut Gems” is loud and riddled with anxiety.

Uncut Gems follows a gambling addicted jeweler (Adam Sandler) who makes a high stakes bet that gets him in way over his head.

The Safdie Brothers embrace the fast paced energy New York City Diamond District and paint an anxiously chaotic picture. It’s a rare and gritty look at a lifestyle that isn’t often looked at this closely. It feels real and authentic and I recognize this as a huge win.

But was Uncut Gems for me? Personally, no.

I’m all for being on the edge of my seat but the nonstop yelling mixed with the loudness of the bustling atmosphere gave me a headache. I felt like I was suffocating in noise.

By no means did I expect Uncut Gems to be enjoyable art. But the anxiety was too much to bare. And if that was the goal of the Safdie Brothers’ film, then bravo.

But no one deserves a bigger bravo than Adam Sandler. Yes. He’s still loud and obnoxious but he commands the screen, establishing himself a serious actor. However, I’m not jumping on the “Give Sandler an Oscar” bandwagon.

Sure, he’s impressive and it is the best performance of his career. But he did not blow me away compared to actors competing for the gold this season.

Final Thoughts: Although Sandler boasts a strong performance, Uncut Gems is riddled with anxiety.

And take an Aleve beforehand. Might save you a headache.

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