“Frozen II” is daring and darker.

Since 2013, the sweeping soundtrack, heartwarming story and lovable characters of Frozen have become a global phenomenon. Let’s face it — we just can’t let it go.

Now we return to the mystical fjords of Arendelle in Frozen II, where Elsa and Anna find themselves on a dangerous journey to discover the origin of Elsa’s icy powers.

Frozen II could have been shallow, cheesy and still have made millions at the box office. But no. Disney took the story of Anna and Elsa to new heights and let it mature tremendously.

From the moment the sequel begins, the concepts of change and growth are woven throughout the story. Frozen II goes into the darker topics of life and doesn’t shy away from asking the tough questions. We watch the characters develop and transform in such a beautiful and natural way. Some live action movies can’t even master that.

Frozen II also doesn’t shy away from showcasing the complexities of love, whether it be the bond between Elsa and Anna or the romantic bond between Anna and Kristoff (which BY THE WAY is the best Disney couple of all time).

Visually, Frozen II has some of the most breathtaking anitmation I have seen. The vibrant colors. The detailed costuming. The glittery snowscapes. The lush woods. Norway is drop dead gorgeous already and the artistic design does the country’s landscape justice. Disney Animation is now on a league of their own and perhaps on par with Pixar.

Unfortunately, I found the soundtrack lackluster. Although each song adds a layer to the story and each performer gives their all, nothing is as strong or memorable as “Let It Go”. In fact, nothing really stuck with me when I left the theatre.

Actually, the only thing I couldn’t stop wondering when I left was how children would react to Frozen II. Sure there are “cool” moments as well as comedic relief. But is this film too dark? Are they going to mature along with the characters or just ignore the themes and “let it go”?

Go see for yourself.

Final Thoughts: The music may not be as stellar and it may not be as joyous as it’s predecessor but Frozen II is all grown up and looking good.

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